Preliminary topics for discussion on the OGT-2018 agenda2018-10-14T22:24:49+00:00

Preliminary topics for discussion on the OGT-2018 agenda

– Innovative methods of increasing oil extraction and boosting oil recovery. Highly efficient technologies of geological and technical measures on oil fields at the late stage of development;

– Automated systems of technological processes management of oil and gas production. “Intellectual oil and gas field model” concept, experience and prospective developments;

– Innovations in drilling of horizontal, oblique, multi-barrel wells and sidetracks;

– World experience in natural and associated gas monetization. Creation and management of natural and associated gas processing projects;

– Innovation technologies of producing LNG, synthetic liquid fuel, synthetic rubber, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate and polyvinyl acetate. Practical examples of successful application and prospects of development in Central Asia;

– Energy saving leading hedge technologies and best practices in the oil and gas industries;

– Expansion and diversification of Turkmenistan oil and gas industries;

– Production of competitive eco-friendly fuels: Euro-5, Euro-6 gasoline and Euro-5, Euro-6 diesel fuel by EN-590 European Standards;

– Production of competitive high-quality bitumen, benzene and toluene. Transportation of hydrocarbons and marketing strategies;

– New investment opportunities in the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan; Special privileges granted to foreign investors in Turkmenistan;

– Development of hydrocarbon resources in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea;

– TAPI main gas pipeline project. Prospects for the implementation of Trans-Caspian gas pipeline project;

– Diversification of natural gas supplies to world markets as one of the most important priorities of Turkmenistan energy policy;

– Prospects for the development of alternative export routes for natural gas supplies.

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